Expert Piano Tuning & Service

Artistic Pianos offers the highest quality Piano Tuning, Repair, and Action Regulating.  Please call us at 262-930-8995 to schedule an appointment.

Eric Carlson, RPT and Kevin Weed, PTG member, have a combined total of 70+ years experience tuning, repairing, regulating, and rebuilding pianos!  Additionally, both Eric and Kevin are concert-level professional pianists, which adds a discernment that most other piano technicians simply do not have.

At the time of tuning, we always do a free evaluation of the piano to determine if there is anything else that can be done to improve how the piano plays or sounds.

Typical tuning rates vary from $200 (local) to $220 (distant).  If your piano hasn't been tuned for some time, or if it was last tuned at a different time of year (different humidity level), it may require a pitch correction as well.  This is an additional fee, but it insures stability and longevity of the final tuning.

At the time of tuning, if for some reason your piano is not tunable, we will instead give a comprehensive estimate of what needs to be done.  Instead of the tuning fee, an estimate fee of $150 will be charged.  Should you decide to have this work performed, at least a portion, if not all of the fee, will be applied toward the work completed.  This is done via a 10% discount off of work performed, until the $150 has been met.

If the piano is simply not worth investing any time or money, the $150 fee may be applied toward any piano in our inventory!