Collection: Baldwin Pianos

Baldwin pianos originated in the USA, and was once a well-respected brand.  In the 80s, their quality began to flounder and in 2001, they were sold to Gibson.  They have been made in China since 2008.  Artistic Pianos will seldom have Baldwin in the showroom, but if we do, you can be guaranteed that it's one of the better models, and we will have done substantial work to insure quality and longevity!

All pianos include:
+ Free Delivery within 60 miles ($3/mile beyond 60 miles)      + 10-year Warranty      + Matching Bench      + 2 Free Tunings (1 prior to delivery, 1 within 6 months)

** Please Note:  In order to keep our prices reasonable, we do not accept credit cards for piano purchases.  Cash and checks are accepted, and we do offer in-house financing (not through a bank).